Rap music’s entrepreneurial message

Whether it was the vicarious manifestation of my desire to speak fluently or simple tone-deaf appreciation of repetitive rhythms, I fell in love with rap music at a young age.

Rap did not speak of violence and murder to me, even when those were the subjects.

To me it’s all metaphors. It is the music of freedom, of paving your own path, overcoming adversity, working hard to achieve your goals, believing in yourself and celebrating success.

One rapper who epitomizes this is Chamillionaire. His whole discography is the journey of an entrepreneur.

Standing Ovation on his album Ultimate Victory speaks to a challenge every entrepreneur knows: discouragement from those around you on your way up, and those same naysayers suddenly befriending you when proved wrong.

“Made it to the top and there ain’t no way to stop it, and I sure ain’t forgot when everybody used to judge me/

Now that I got dough in my pockets and a whole lot of profits, seems like everybody loves me”

In the song he talks about his accomplishments, the obstacles he faced on the way, the people who changed with his success and how proud he is to have made it.

Rightfully, he basks in the glory of overcoming that adversity.

This message is everywhere in rap. It’s a genre that celebrates hustle, meaning hard work to achieve your goals, not free lunches and handouts.

Won’t Let You Down, the very next song on the album, embodies the entrepreneurial message even more.

“Poor, that word ain’t no excuse, you know what it means to me/
It means you’re Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly”

Rap music largely comes from black people in America who were born facing adversity in the eye and rose above it thanks to their entrepreneurial drive.

That spirit lives in all humans, of every background, in any situation.

There’s an entrepreneur in each of us.

Rap music embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.

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