Richard Hoedl of Dream Big Solutions

A serial entrepreneur himself, Richard Hoedl built a community for people in business with Dream Big Solutions.

His company connects entrepreneurs with each other and provides support and tools for business success.

“We’re about creating success for people by allowing them to see the path clearly,” says Hoedl, whose business has changed and evolved a lot since starting in 2010.

Fail faster

Dream Big Solutions started by offering simple services in marketing and business plans.

Now it’s become a community of entrepreneurs who help each other.

Richard Hoedl of Dream Big Solutions.

Richard Hoedl of Dream Big Solutions.

“We realized people didn’t have goals,” said Hoedl about how his business evolved.

Goals, beyond the dream of making a lot of money, were not in people’s vocabulary.

“If your only focus is money, you’re missing the emotional connection to why you’re doing what you’re doing,” said Hoedl.

And if you’re not doing something you’re passionate about, success is less likely.

That realization turned the business to focusing on goal discovery and planning, but still people were falling between the cracks.

“We realized what they’re actually missing was a support system or someone to keep them accountable to attaining their goals,” said Hoedl.

“We created an entire community of people with similar needs.”

Being able to evolve with clients’ needs has been a key for Dream Big Solutions’ success. And that’s easier for a small business than a big box store.

“One of the huge strengths of a small business is the ability to change and adapt quickly,” said Hoedl.

He’s been running businesses since age 13.

“I always had an entrepreneurial bent,” said Hoedl. “I’ve always a voice in my head saying, ‘There must be a way to make a business out of this.’ ”

Canoe rentals, marketing companies, mail-order supplies and running art galleries are just a few of the businesses Hoedl’s tried.

“Some were good, some were successful and others just crashed and burned,” he said.

“But the failures are just as important, if not more important, than the successes. I probably wouldn’t be able to do what I do today if my life was just filled with successes.”

Those failures help him give advice to newer entrepreneurs because he’s gone through many of their struggles already.


He encourages wannabe entrepreneurs to start with anything, even a lemonade stand.

“Fail faster,” said Hoedl. “Get out there and take action right now. What’s the worst that’s going to happen? You’re not going to die.”

Small ventures won’t lose you a lot of financial investment, and Hoedl says they will teach you important basics of business and prepare you for your next venture.

His main message: use failure as a tool for learning.

“The faster you fail, the more successes will come,” said Hoedl.

Check out Hoedl’s radio show and find out more about Dream Big Solutions at

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